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    1. Residency101

    2. Answer Bank

    3. Download PDF of Interview Answer bank

    4. DON'T DO THIS in an Interview!

    5. Golden Rules #1-5

    6. Golden Rules #6-10

    1. Tell me about Yourself (Part 1)

    2. Why did you become a Doctor?

    3. Tell me about Yourself (Part 2)

    4. List 3 Abilities you have that will make you valuable as a resident in this Specialty

    5. What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

    6. How would your Friends describe you?

    7. Do you see any problems Managing a Professional and a Personal life?

    8. What do you do in your spare time?

    1. Can you tell me about this deficiency on your record? Part-1 (failed USMLE, yrs since graduation, change in specialty)

    2. Can you tell me about this deficiency on your record? Part -2 (no research, poor performance in LOR)

    3. Tell us about your RESEARCH experience

    1. Why are you interested in this specialty?

    2. What was your favorite COURSE in medical school?

    3. What MOTIVATES you?

    4. What will be the toughest aspect of this specialty for you?

    5. How much did LIFESTYLE considerations fit into your choice of specialty?

    6. What problems will our specialty face in the next 5-10 years?

    1. What Leadership roles have you held?

    2. What was the most interesting case that you have been involved in?

    3. What is your most important accomplishment?

    4. Are you prepared for the rigors of residency?

    5. Describe the best/worst attending with whom you have ever worked

    6. What was the most difficult situation you encountered in medical school?

    7. What clinical experiences have you had in this specialty?

    8. How well do you take criticism?

    1. Why are you interested in our program?

    2. What are you looking for in a program?

    3. Why should we choose you?

    4. What do you think you can contribute to this program?

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